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The following is a computer generated rating for 410 Sprint Car drivers. These are based on driver results, including wins, money won, average finish, etc. I base the ratings for races over the last rolling 2 years.

Minimum of 40 races is needed for winged 410, 15 for wingless (since the ratings are only from beginning of 2018). Any driver under the minimum gets thier rating pro-rated from the number of races they've run to the minimum. A perfect rating is based on 1.0.

Compiled by Bill Vanselow

Wing 410 Driver Ratings

Interesting Numbers (since 1/1/2015)...
  • Number of Drivers: 1597 (2018: 874, 2019: 53)
  • Races run: 1815 (2018: 411, 2019: 7)
  • Average Car Count: 27.4 (2018: 27.4, 2019: 33)
  • Total payout to all drivers: $44,839,393 (2018: $10,590,557, 2019: $229,225)
  • Number of drivers with a win: 281 (2018: 129, 2019: 5)

Wing 410 Driver Ratings as of 02/11/2019
#DriverRatingRacesWins2019 Wins2018 Wins2019 Money2018 Money
1Donny Schatz0.884216245024$8,150$584,950
2Brad Sweet0.683116717111$11,400$460,500
3David Gravel0.63931642505$7,500$238,400
4Kyle Larson0.6005431205$1,925$141,060
5Lance DeWease0.57346925013$0$162,252
6Tim Shaffer0.57151522129$15,650$288,679
7Daryn Pittman0.56461681429$24,200$238,975
8Kerry Madsen0.55801161508$0$142,325
9Shane Stewart0.55101691111$15,875$184,250
10Brian Brown0.51531241607$5,725$127,565
11Jason Johnson0.5007116802$0$92,975
12Logan Schuchart0.4824167703$9,850$201,125
13Sheldon Haudenschild0.4755170706$4,250$187,225
14Ian Madsen0.4745159801$2,825$154,025
15Chad Kemenah0.4737137603$3,600$115,280
16Aaron Reutzel0.470810612011$7,550$170,420
17Rico Abreu0.46451251004$0$138,725
18Danny Dietrich0.456317823010$2,850$139,410
19Carson Macedo0.44511371406$7,200$124,575
20Greg Hodnett0.44231451205$0$123,860
21Lucas Wolfe0.44141691608$8,325$130,295
22Joey Saldana0.4131117300$0$80,215
23Cory Eliason0.4092102503$6,425$128,485
24Freddie Rahmer0.40501221307$0$110,700
25Ryan Smith0.4034126502$0$72,120
Wingless 410 Driver Ratings

Interesting Numbers (since 1/1/2018)...
  • Number of Drivers: 676
  • Races run: 249
  • Average Car Count: 24.0
  • Total payout to all drivers: $2,790,033
  • Number of drivers with a win: 96

Wingless 410 Driver Ratings as of 02/17/2019
#DriverRatingRacesWins2019 Wins2018 Wins2019 Money2018 Money
1Kevin Thomas Jr0.85106015015$5,900$134,925
2Tyler Courtney0.82334812012$3,025$110,125
3Chris Windom0.74165711110$6,400$93,675
4Justin Grant0.70705611110$6,750$84,418
5CJ Leary0.626564716$8,350$75,849
6Brady Bacon0.617951505$2,100$66,115
7Robert Ballou0.586452505$2,400$61,125
8Dave Darland0.575264404$2,000$65,000
9AJ Hopkins0.535021606$0$20,975
10Chase Stockon0.525853202$2,775$61,600
11Thomas Messeraul0.523555707$0$44,780
12Kyle Cummins0.508948505$2,175$36,662
13Carson Short0.494045505$2,100$32,450
14Damion Gardner0.486427505$2,225$36,850
15Shane Cockrum0.481232606$0$21,600
16Matt Westfall0.438943606$1,275$27,880
17Brody Roa0.426333303$0$36,400
18Brent Beauchamp0.422219202$0$13,375
19Tyler Thomas0.416419101$0$14,850
20Riley Kreisel0.413222303$0$11,395
21Jason McDougal0.409030202$2,000$24,080
22Mario Clouser0.385228202$0$16,010
23Landon Simon0.383535404$0$22,145
24Zach Daum0.375819202$0$10,975
25Clinton Boyles0.372440303$0$18,275