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Central PA Wing 410 Driver Ratings (2024 only)

The following is a computer generated rating for all drivers. These are based on driver results, including wins, money won, average finish, level of competition, etc. Any driver under the minimum gets their rating pro-rated from the number of races they've run to the minimum. A perfect rating would be 1.0.
Ratings based on all wing 410 races in Central PA. Tracks that are included are Williams Grove, Lincoln, Port Royal, BAPS, Selinsgrove, Grandview, Hagerstown,MD, Path Valley, Trail-Way, Clinton County, Bloomsburg, Action Track USA, and Big Diamond.
Minimum of 8 races is needed for full rating value.
Compiled by Bill Vanselow
Central PA Wing 410 Driver Ratings (2024 only)
1Danny Dietrich.7450266$136,714
2Anthony Macri.6971176$71,975
3Cory Eliason.497681$16,300
4Troy Wagaman.4841233$45,594
5Lance DeWease.4622132$23,105
6Freddie Rahmer.4302291$41,425
7Chase Dietz.4285221$29,570
8Devon Borden.4142301$33,005
9Logan Wagner.4134101$15,330
10Lucas Wolfe.3961311$36,185
11Mike Wagner.383290$11,350
12Dylan Cisney.3817211$19,455
13Tyler Ross.3758141$22,285
14Cameron Smith.3593202$23,080
15TJ Stutts.3592301$30,650
16Austin Bishop.3502261$22,460
17Kyle Reinhardt.3465120$8,080
18Kyle Moody.3452220$17,905
19Matt Campbell.3404130$13,340
20Justin Whittall.3380171$15,045
21Dylan Norris.3347190$11,845
22Gerard McIntyre Jr.3297110$7,900
23Chad Trout.3292150$11,500
24Blane Heimbach.322190$6,275
25Kody Hartlaub.3149180$11,915
26Jake Karklin.3146120$8,705
27Aaron Bollinger.3146160$11,600
28Jeff Halligan.3141120$9,580
29Mike Walter.311290$6,155
30Ryan Taylor.305980$4,255
31Kody Lehman.3015120$8,850
32Steve Buckwalter.3001150$11,245
33Mark Smith.2989100$6,700
34Billy Dietrich.2897170$9,745
35Brandon Rahmer.2874100$6,450
36Derek Hauck.2857100$4,580
37Ryan Newton.2768180$8,315
38Dallas Schott.2757100$4,025
39Callum Williamson.2746120$4,400
40JJ Loss.2721150$6,885
41Tony Jackson.2660200$9,320
42Justin Peck.262260$7,875
43Devin Adams.262190$3,925
44Rick Lafferty.2573120$4,015
45Jordan Givler.2543120$3,140
46Brett Strickler.244790$2,700
47Ryan Wilson.244290$2,620
48Mike Thompson.2439140$5,080
49Kyle Keen.2436130$4,820
50Domenic Melair.2364110$3,530
51Garrett Bard.234570$4,150
52Jordan Strickler.223080$1,975
53Tyler Esh.217680$2,850
54Nash Ely.209270$2,925
55Spencer Bayston.206850$9,800
56Jacob Allen.205351$7,725
57Chris Frank.199560$4,200
58Jarrett Cavalet.198770$2,790
59Reese Nowotarski.196760$3,855
60Dave Grube.180870$1,510
61Denny Peebles.180870$980
62Matt Miller.172970$1,570
63Tyler Courtney.168231$38,000
64Kyle Spence.160860$1,585
65Kassidy Kreitz.159660$2,500
66Brent Marks.154831$28,400
67Bryn Gohn.149860$1,180
68Emerson Axsom.149550$2,650
69Brie Hershey.138360$1,275
70Corey Day.125240$5,700
71Michael Walter.120940$5,200
72Jake Waters.113850$1,950
73Briggs Danner.113640$3,430
74Rico Abreu.112430$18,180
75Glenndon Forsythe.111650$2,485